Song of the Year nominee 2012 !!!

"My Big V-Twin" (Trezza-Hollister) has been nominated for "Song of the Year 2011" in the blues category by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards to be televised/simulcast on Thursday November 17th. More information to follow.

IAE: I Am Entertainment Magazine September 2011

"The Marco de Sade Band is a well-oiled machine of a rock band. Their in your face blues-rock sound is exactly what propels a great band into stardom. The band’s latest project, “Take No Prisoners” is produced by 12-time Grammy winner Ron Saint Germain and is chock full of great songs.

“My Big V-Twin” is a perfect way to start the album. Laced with some of the best guitar, drums and vocals, this song is all about hitting the open road on your Harley and letting the good times roll. The song-writing is great, the singing is stellar, and the band is kick-ass. This song will make you want to jump on a hog and let it roar.

My favorite song on this release is “The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You.” Every man wants a good looking lady on his arm and that is what this one is all about. Most men know that wearing a good lookin’ suit ain’t nothing without a beautiful woman accompanying you. The band, once again, rocks your socks off and the blues undertones really bring out the message in the song. The lead singer is great and I couldn’t stop listening to this one over and over again.

A few of the other great songs on this project include: “High on the Hog,” Marco’s Freight Train,” “I Get Evil,” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Each of these songs has their own identity and really adds some fresh perspective to the album.
Overall, The Marco de Sade Band is really one of the best blues-rock bands not yet discovered.

How can you not like a band that not only rocks and rolls with the best of the best, but also founded a charity for kids? Their charity is called “The Brothers in Arms Charity,” where the band helps raise money for the children of US Special Operations soldiers who are killed in the line of duty. Get more information on the charity on the band’s website, under “SOWF Charity.”
Go show your support for these guys, and help them keep making great music, and while you’re there, donate a little money to the band’s charity.

Blues Review Magazine
December 2011

A Pleasantly Unexpected Treat!!!

Marco De Sade, a newer band hailing from the New York area, doesn’t take long at all to warm up to. Hot bluesy guitar licks, confident vocals, and tasty grooves provide all that is needed for a smoking’ good listen.
The band consists of bass guitarist/lead vocalist Greg Hollister, lead guitarist James Leahey, drummer Dave Anthony, keyboardist Rick Oberson, and Marco Trezza on harmonica. “My Big V-Twin”  is heavily laced with electric blues, with a hint of southern rock sprinkled in. Based on that very impressive track, I would love to hear a whole album made up entirely of original material.
The band has a heck of a knack for picking songs to cover. The selections on this album are outstanding. The groove on Tommy Castro’s ‘High on the Hog’ is funky, fun, and spiced up by special guest, Frank Elmo on saxophone. And then we step a little deeper into the funk with a cover of the Chambers Brothers‘ 1967 hit “I Can’t Stand It.” Keeping close to the original, but with a fresher sound, Trezza adds the icing on the cake with his signature harp playing. I hate to say it, but I may just like this version better than the original.
I was also blown away by their cover of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” by the Rolling Stones. A churchy keyboard spin by Oberson along with Dylanesque vocals gives the track a fresh take on the intro. And then all hell breaks loose when the entire band kicks in for the full-on electrified funky jam. This is definitely one of the cooler versions of this song I have listened to.
Most albums will have at least one or two tracks that I don’t mind skipping over to get to the next song. Not this one. Take No Prisoners is a pleasantly unexpected treat. And I do look forward to their next release.
Phillip Smith is a contributing writer at BluesWax.